Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Efforts of Establishing the League of Arab States

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Dr. Bader Hameed Mansi Al Sulami


The study aimed to spotlight on establishing and building League of Arab States. In the beginning, it clarified the most prominent attempts for reaching a banded Arab unit, and that was before thinking of uniting Arabs under one organization entity which is the League of Arab States. Therefore, the study indicated the great efforts that king Abdulaziz made at that time under the united Arab umbrella. So as the great efforts king Abdulaziz has made of enhancing the idea of establishing the League of Arab States, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was keen to encourage any idea calls for Arab Unity and saving their Islamic and Arab identities. The study also indicated that kingdom of Saudi Arabia has striven for the Arab fold unity, and played an important role in supporting the League of Arab States politically and financially since its establishment. The researcher followed the descriptive historical research method, and the most important results are that: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had the most prominent role of supporting Arab Unity from the beginning, and so as king Abdulaziz was who started the initiative of uniting Arabs. The researcher reached other results, and offered some recommendations.

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Dr. Bader Hameed Mansi Al Sulami

Dr. Bader Hameed Mansi Al Sulami

Assistant Professor of Modern History – College of Sharia and Islamic Studies – Department of History and Civilization – Umm Al-Qura University