Statistical Analysis on the Health and Economic Damage of Smoking on a Sample of Arab Countries

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Bechikr Abed


     Through the subject of the study represented in the health and economic harms of smoking for a sample of Arab countries, this topic was addressed from the theoretical and analytical sides, where the theoretical aspect was addressed to the most important theoretical elements of tobacco and smoking, in addition to focusing on the most important damages, as it was found that they are not limited to the health aspect only, but also include the economic and social aspect, and through the analytical study of the prevalence rates of smoking by sex in the world and in the Arab world, it was found that the male category has Prevalence rates greater than the female category due to many reasons, including the wide spread in some countries among young people, schoolchildren and adolescents, and in some countries due to the spread of unemployment, as for the development of this phenomenon, a positive indicator has been reached is the low prevalence rates in the world due to awareness in this field and health complications.

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Bechikr Abed

Bechikr Abed 1

1 Laboratory of financial markets management by the application of

Mathematics and computer science, University of Relizane (Algeria).

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