Designing the Mental Well-Being Model of Students through Educational Sports (School Sports)

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Elaheh Medadi Nansa


One of the social phenomena that has grown significantly in recent years and has affected almost all people is physical education and sports. Sports is one of the important human activities that has existed in almost every human society, the purpose of this research is to design a model of mental well-being of students through educational sports (school sports), the method of this research is descriptive-analytical, which in It has been done among the student community. The results of this research showed that different sports at different levels can have different effects and cause the development of some special issues among groups of people, and educational sports can lead to improving the well-being of people's growth in addition to improving mental health. Also, the results showed that educational sports improve students' skills through the types of activities that have an educational and scientific aspect. This problem leads to the improvement of students' efforts in educational sports in order to learn skills. If the students' efforts are successful, they will grow and develop their mental well-being. The presence of students in educational sports will improve their skills, which will improve the sense of progress and growth among them.

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Elaheh Medadi Nansa

Elaheh Medadi Nansa

PhD, Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran