Reading of the Noble Qur’an and Its Most Important Flags in the Maghreb

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Dr. Djilali Djelloul


This research aims to study contemporary reading of the Holy Qur’an by researching what reading is and how it arose, shedding light on researchers from the Arab Maghreb, trying to reveal the intellectual foundations on which contemporary reading is based and the curricula that it adopts.

This study comes in defense of the Holy Qur’an and defending it, and this is one of the most important results reached, revealing the modernist trend that seeks to remove the sanctity of the Holy Qur’an, establishing that this reading is a destructive reading and imitation, not a reading of diligence and renewal, and here lies the danger to contemporary Islamic thought.

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Dr. Djilali Djelloul

Dr. Djilali Djelloul

Ibn Khaldoun University Tiaret (Algeria),