A Physiological Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Manifestation, Prevalence and Management at PIMS Hospital Islamabad

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Amanullah et al.


As we know that inflammatory bowel disease is polygenetic disease and comprises of Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis. From past   many decades, the frequency of bowel disease has been increasing in Asian countries. The main cause of this disease is Biochemical and Physiological alteration and also anxiety and stress play a key role in the incidence of this disease. For the current study total 100 patients were selected from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad for the duration of six month and SPSS software was used for Data Analysis. Among 100 patients, 54% were male and 46% were females. 54% patients were in the age group 15-30, 26% in 31-45 & 20% in the 46-60 year age group. The most common oral presentation was aphthous ulcer 46.4%, Lip swelling with vertical fissures was seen in 15.7%, mucogingivitis in 26.8% and cobble stoning in 12.1 % cases. 41% patients taking corticosteroid, 32% amino salicylates and 33% antibiotics. 83% of these patients were taking antibiotics intermittently. The high prevalence ratio is because of Alteration in Envirmental condition developing countries such as with industrialization dietary habits, increased drugs intake and increasing stress.

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