The Role of Arabian Family in Preserving the Arabism of Ahwaz in the Modern Times: The Family of Moshashaia as an Example

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Bader Hameed Mansi Al Sulami


This study aimed to shed light on the role of Arab families in preserving the Arabness of the land of Al-Ahwaz during the modern era. The study dealt with its main topic, which is the role of the Mashasha’in family through the formation of their emirate in the land of Al-Ahwaz and its role in establishing Arab rule in it. Al-Ahwaz, the Arab Emirate of Mashasha’in, was able to keep it away from the Persian and Ottoman influence with due merit. This state expanded and became the most powerful state in the region, and its influence included large areas, and it ruled a large area that included southern and western Persia, southeastern Iraq, and northern Arabia. The researcher has followed the descriptive historical research method, and the most important results are: that the Arab families have a prominent role in preserving the Arabness of the land of Ahwaz during the modern era, such as the Mashasha'a family and others. The researcher reached other results and made some recommendations.

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