Rice (Oryza sativa L.)–Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cropping System in Response to Conservation Tillage and Residue Management

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Muhammad Abdullah et al.


This paper provides a comprehensive review of literature related to introduction of conservation agriculture practices and their consequences on Rice-Wheat cropping system’s (RWCS) productivity. This system of cultivation is feeding almost the whole world. However, challenges farmers are facing in conventional system are increased cost of production, energy and labor scarcity, loss of soil fertility, irregular weather events, loss of water quality, decreased farm income and degraded soil profile are of considerable importance. These problems are being addressed through conservation tillage system. Conservation tillage and residue retention practices assist reclamation of degraded soil, less cost of production, labor and energy efficient system, conserve water resources, manage weeds and allows timely planting of subsequent crop thus enhance yield of rice-wheat cropping system which ultimately boost revenue and food security while bolstering the natural resources.

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