Examining the Factors Impact the User's Continued Intention to Use IoT Services: The Case of Saudi Arabia

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Saleh Alarifi


The Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving as a substantial growth in info technology, with the ability to enhance the living standards. However, to increase the IoT's value, accumulating additional individual info is needed, which precedes to anxieties about personal information and user privacy defilements. the purpose of this study is to provide a healthier understanding about the sustained meaning to usage IoT services  by examining the factors that motivate user to usage IoT services  and the factors that hindrances the adoption and sustained to usage IoT services  in the context of Saudi Arabia. Specifically, this study will explore how perceived benefits, privacy concern, and personal barriers toward innovation affect the user intentions to continue to use IoT services. The findings of this study established an ordinary properly model. The study revealed that perceived benefits, personal barriers toward innovation, and privacy concern have a significant impact on continued intention to us IoT services.

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