Effect of Health Education Program on Breast Feeding Exclusivity and Factors Predicting its Continuation among Primiparous Mothers

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Lamyaa El-Sayed Nasr Saeed Asker et. al


Background: World Health Organization (WHO) recommends mothers globally to give exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) to their infants until six months of age. Thereafter, infants should be introduced to safe complementary (solid) foods at six months while breastfeeding needs to sustain for up to two years of life or longer

Aim and objectives: To evaluate the degree of improvement in Primiparous Mothers’ knowledge, attitude and practice towards exclusive breastfeeding after health education program and to evaluate the effectiveness in achieving exclusivity and increasing Duration of breastfeeding.

Subjects and methods:  An interventional pre post community study carried out in Health offices of Zagazig health district over 180 primigravida (90 in intervention group and 90 in control group) using Self-administered questionnaire about knowledge, attitude, practice and social support to the patients and o received information about EBF in the period from June 2021 till June 2022 .

Results: there was significant difference between intervention group and control group as regard knowledge, attitude, practice post intervention and exclusivity of breast feeding with more and better improvement in intervention group

Conclusion: proper health education program is essential to improve knowledge, attitude and practice about breast feeding and for achieving exclusive breast feeding for 6 months.

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