Investigating the Legal Knowledge of Managers on the Enforcement of Human Resource Rights in Companies and Organizations

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Sara Fadaei


In the contemporary world, one of the dimensions of planning is the effort to improve human life and improve living conditions. If many of the most successful organizations, the reason for the success of their programs is to improve the lives of employees and increase their welfare. On the other hand, these goals are achieved when the human resources have the necessary level of training. Therefore, knowledge and awareness is the cornerstone of the development of the organization and the well-being of its employees. In a society where the manager has a low level of legal knowledge and awareness, and is unaware of personal and social rights and citizenship, he / she suffers from severe confusion in preparing the requests of his / her employees. This in turn has the opposite effect on the success of community-related institutions' planning. Now the question arises whether there is a significant relationship between the legal knowledge of the manager and the satisfaction of the rights of the employees of his organization? And the results of the present study are positive to this question. Therefore, it can be said that legal knowledge is an opportunity for the development of civil man through the development of his abilities to fully participate in the evaluation and readjustment of the civic and cultural framework that recognizes rights, social status and various roles in law and practice And define social interactions.

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Sara Fadaei

Sara Fadaei, Master of Public Law, basic lawyer of a judiciary