The Economic, Health, Social and Psychological Effects of Smoking

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Kamila Sider et. al


Background: Cigarette smoking is the single biggest preventable cause of death,Tobacco has many economic, health, social and psychological effects. However, many people have been using tobacco for a long time and on a daily basis. It is shocking that nearly one billion people in the world use tobacco.

Objective: This article reviews the economic, health, social and psychological effects of smoking.

Methods: In our research, we used various reliable international articles and research.

Results: _Smoking harms the environment through toxic fumes and causes heavy air pollution.

_ The economic impact of smoking is double: the costs of smoking itself, and the costs of reducing its prevalence among smokers. Over and above the nominal value of cigarette purchases, tobacco costs have greater health and economic impacts on individuals, families, employers and taxpayers.

_ Smoking causes so many diseases that lead to death it is harmful to human beings and has effects like cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, lung diseases, and so on. Moreover, it increases the risk for certain eye diseases, tuberculosis, and problems with the immune system.

_Smoking exposes you to a greater risk of depression.

_Smoking affects your relationships with family and friends.

Conclusions: smoking cessation is associated with numerous short- and long-term health and economic benefits. The greatest benefit accrues from smoking cessation when young, but even quitting in middle age avoids much of the healthcare risk and the associated cost of treatment. As such, great efforts should be made to reduce the prevalence of smoking worldwide, particularly in developing countries where smoking is on the increase.

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