Exploration of the Construction of Smart Tobacco Agriculture

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Xiaodong Shao et al.


Smart tobacco agriculture is an organic combination of scientific thinking, methods, and technology of smart agriculture with the tobacco industry's institutional mechanisms, current problems, and development goals. The construction and implementation of smart tobacco agriculture focuses on the digital transformation of tobacco leaf production, research and development of mechanized equipment for the whole process of tobacco leaf production, and the intelligent upgrade of two major directions, in order to effectively solve the problem of " where to grow tobacco", "who grows tobacco", and "how to grows tobacco" in various tobacco areas across the country providing solutions. The paper elaborated on the development background of smart tobacco agriculture at home and abroad, focusing on the “1+4+N” construction model and construction effects of smart tobacco agriculture in Yunnan Province. In view of the future development and challenges, research on key technologies of tobacco area layout and tobacco growth perception based on satellite remote sensing technology, key technology of intelligent decision-making for tobacco leaf mechanization operation based on multi-source data fusion and prototype equipment development, agricultural machinery equipment operation quality monitoring and analysing, strategic planning and research on innovative development of smart tobacco agriculture require specially attention.

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