Prevalence of Bullying Among Primary School Students in Zagazig City

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Shimaa Mohamed Eliwa, Salwa Abbas Ali Hassan, Ehab Abdulaziz Al-Beblawy, Gamalat Mustafa Abd El-Ghany


Bullying is a major public health concern affecting the lives of many children and adolescents. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of bullying among primary school students in Zagazig city . Subjects and methods: A cross-sectional descriptive design was used in this study was utilized with sample 325 selected from four governmental primary school in Zagazig city. The data collecting an interview questionnaire composed of two parts: Socio- demographic data and bullying scale among primary school students. Results, Most of bully's students (81.5%) were male and 70.5% of them were from rural area. Regarding school grade more than half (53.2) of them enrolled in fifth grade.  Additional 69.7 % of bullied students living with both parents, the prevalence of bullying among the student in the study school were 39%, the most frequent bullying among  them were psychological bullying 90%  followed by social bullying 85%. Conclusion, the majority of bully's students were male, the most frequent bullying among primary school students, were psychological bullying  followed by social bullying Therefore, it is recommended to develop and implemented  program in reducing bullying among primary school students

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