Construction of Rural Public Space Based on the Concept of Community Building

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Liu Lin


This paper focuses on a series of difficult problems, such as unreasonable layout, improper maintenance, weakening of rural public organization ability and low participation of villagers in the construction of rural public space. Taking Community building as the method and entry point, this paper puts forward the framework including collusion, co-construction, co-management and sharing strategy for the construction of rural public space within the concept of Community building. And it also comes up with the spatial construction path in four levels: government service, village committee leading, social force and residents' spontaneous participation. Finally, the relevant theoretical results are verified by the case of Haili Village Community in Shitang Town, Wenling County, Taizhou City. The related results of this paper are of great significance to guide the practice of public space construction in rural areas of China, to help the rural human settlements environment and industrial revitalization.

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