Some Thoughts on the National Music Education in China's Colleges in the View of Cultural Self-Confidence

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Guo Wei et al.


In the process of economic globalization, cultural self-confidence should be strengthened to promote cultural prosperity. In China, throughout the history of music education, the music education environment has undergone fundamental changes. The western music education system has become more and more systematic in colleges and universities in China, which has affected the development of music in our country. However, the national music education in colleges has followed the traditional way of education, resulting in many shortcomings, and occurred the marginalization of national music education. As the basis of inherited traditional culture, the development of national music education is of great significance. Colleges are an important place to train music talents. As an indispensable part of colleges, national music education can cultivate students' patriotic enthusiasm, enhance national pride, and inherit and protect traditional culture. This paper expounds some thoughts on national music education in colleges in China under the view of cultural confidence.

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