A Randomized Control Trial of Lavender and Chamomile Against Anxiety and Stress Patients

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Maha Naseer et al.


Anxiety and stress are among the most common mental health disorders and are a major cause of emotional distress around the globe. To overcome this issue, the use of natural products such as herbal medicines are becoming an appealing approach. Lavender and Chamomile has been proved to have better efficacy against stress and anxiety. The current study was performed to investigate the impact of Lavender and Chamomile in reducing the stress and anxiety. Proximate analysis of Lavender and Chamomile were performed. In combination, the dried herbs (powder) were simply added to capsules as an organic supplement, which serves as a natural product to reduce stress and anxiety at different substitution levels. Lavender herb and chamomile was taken as same amount of 1.2 gram respectively and 2.4 g mixed powder taken up to 3 times per day in the form of a capsule. Subjects were divided in two groups G0 and G1. G0 was a control group and G1 was an experimental group. The research groups were introduced with the selected dosage of supplement for the time of 8 weeks. Results enlightened that the improvement in symptoms of stress and relate anxiety in experimental participants of this study. The experimental supplement prepared by lavender and Chamomile had significant (P<0.05) effect in reducing stress and anxiety throughout the study trial.

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