Supply Chain Management on a Block Chain Platform to Improve Quality (Case Study: Saipa Automotive Industries)

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Ghazal Khodadadi et al.


All organizations seek to meet the needs of customers and shareholders; therefore, they need materials, equipment, facilities, and suppliers from other organizations. The performance of an organization is affected by the activities of other organizations forming the supply chain. The efficiency and effectiveness of any organization are the results of the management performance and supply chain structure. In this research, the possibility of using block chain technology in the supply chain process of Saipa Automotive Company has been investigated. This study is descriptive-correlational research and the statistical population of the research is Saipa Automotive Company. The samples were selected by the purposive sampling method. According to the results of the questionnaire distributed in Saipa Company, one of the most important things to examine in the production line of cars based on block chain is the safety of cars, which has been evaluated in the analysis of information. A security mechanism model for the service of connected vehicles using the block chain method is proposed in this study. Data and results analyses using MATLAB software showed that the application of a higher level of supply chain management methods and competitive advantage over improving organizational performance has a significant impact.

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