Political Science Methodology in the Thoughts of Sadra School Commentators

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Seyed Amin Taghavi Far et al.


         Among all the theories, Sadra's wisdom has a special place. The breadth of components and multiplicity of concepts in this theory has led to its capability and versatility. In this article, qualitative research method was used. The data were obtained and analyzed through note-taking and descriptive-analytical procedures. The purpose of this article is to present a new methodology based on Sadra's wisdom. Although the choice of one method among other methods is selective and optional, choosing one method for each subject is not correct. The choice cannot be without reason and basis. Therefore, the present study, using the framework of a new meta-methodology, tries to highlight the main concepts of this theory and tends to understand how it is applied in various philosophical, social and political issues. Therefore, Sadra's theory in most cases does not seek to reject other theories but seeks to correct them. What distinguishes this article is the use of the latest views of professors and commentators of the Sadra School such as Shahid Motahari, Ayatollah Mesbah and Ayatollah Javadi, regarding our subject.

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