The Role of the CDH1 Gene in the Incidence of Hereditary Gastric Cancer

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Saleheh Jahani


Introduction: Gastric cancer is a multifactorial disease, the fourth most common cancer globally and the second leading cause of cancer death. This study aimed to determine the expression of the CDH1 gene in tumor and peripheral tissue of healthy individuals with hereditary gastric cancer.
: In this case-control study, 50 samples, including 25 samples from gastric tumor tissue and 25 samples from adjacent control tissue, were prepared from these patients. RNA was extracted from the target tissues. Then their cDNAs were made. Finally, the expression of CDH1 genes was measured using the Real-Time PCR technique. Paired t-test was used to analyze the amount of gene expression.
In this study, in 87.5% of patients with gastric cancer, the expression of the CDH1 gene was reduced by 7.35 times compared to the healthy marginal tissue, which showed a significant difference between healthy and tumor tissue of these patients.

Conclusion: Due to the role of the CDH1 gene as a tumor suppressor gene, its expression is significantly reduced in the tumor tissue of individuals with hereditary gastric cancer.

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