The Nature and Rules Governing Civil Liability of State-Owned Oil Companies in Iran and France Law

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Arman Sahebi, Hassan Moradi, Nejadali Almasi, Alireza Mazloom Rahni


The purpose of this study is to investigate the nature, pillars and effects of civil liability of state oil companies in Iranian and French law. In this study, the main issue of civil liability of state oil companies is stated, then the necessary concepts of the oil and gas industry are explained from a legal perspective. In this way, the principles of civil liability of the government, the state-owned company and the state-owned oil company have been analyzed and important examples of oil damages have been divided. In the process of this research, although an attempt was made to emphasize the Iranian legal system, but in any case where a comparative view of French law was possible, this comparative approach was considered. Finally, from this research, it can be concluded that civil liability is imposed on the legal personality of companies, not on their pillars such as company managers.

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