Gonadotoxic Effects of Interferon Therapy on Male Fertility

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Muhammad Zeeshan Riaz et al.


Hepatitis is a viral disease. More than 71 million people are suffering from chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Interferon therapy is the most common therapy to treat HCV. Many medicines are used for its treatment one of them is most common in Pakistan or developing countries which is interferon. Initially, it was considered as good for HCV but later on it is revealed that interferon has many side effects. In this study,80 individuals were studied for different parameters which were divided into two groups. A Group includes 40 individuals having a history of HCV infection and recovered by interferon therapy and the other group have 40 normal individuals. The mean values of these fertility hormones (FSH, LH, Prolactin and testosterone), hemoglobin level,and blood sugar level indicates that interferon does have not any significant effect on their normal level. Other parameters such as sperm count (normal individual = 76.765 and interferon treated individual = 54.3) and no of children (normal individual =2.65 and interferon treated individual = 0.525). These values show that interferon therapy hasa statically significant effect on male fertility.

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