Providing a Framework for the Success of Construction Projects in Iran Focusing on National Mega-Projects

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Mohammad Hasan Fallahi, Ali Mohammad Ahmadvand


This study was conducted to provide a framework for the success of construction projects in Iran focusing on national mega-projects. The statistical population included the contractors of national mega-projects.The statistical sample size was estimated to be 327 people using Cochran's formula.Data were collected using a 65-item researcher-made questionnaire, the face and content validity of which was confirmed by 10 experts, and its reliabilitywas higher than 0.7 for all variables in a preliminary test on 30 subjects, which is acceptable.Descriptive and inferential statistical methods and regression tests were used in SPSS software to analyze the data.65 indicators in the form of 6 general components were identified for contractors after reviewing studies on the factors affecting the success of construction projects.Questionnaires in which the extent of the impact of each of these components and indicators were assessed were distributed among the statistical population.Findings indicated that factors concerning human resources, factors concerning political and economic issues, factors concerning project management, factors concerning the organization and project partners, factors concerning project equipment supply, and technical and professional factors affected the success of construction projects in Iran.

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