Application Analysis of Badminton Intelligence based on Knowledge Graphs

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Jia Zhang et al.


With 346 web of science core databases of "badminton", "data mining", "artificial intelligence", "motion Based on Citespace software, this paper visualizes and analyzes the application effect of national fitness intelligence, thus revealing the research trends, research focus and evolutionary paths and directions of data mining. Findings: 1) China is the 'leader' in terms of research contributions, leading the way to a certain extent in research on the wisdom of modern badminton. In terms of other contributions, the top two are Malaysia and Taiwan. However, one of the regions where research is relatively weak is Africa. Research strength in Asia is concentrated in China, Taiwan and, Malaysia, while other regions are relatively weak, and the level of research related to badminton combined with big data in China needs to be improved.2) Highly productive authors and teams of related sports AI research focus on US universities, with the main research direction being the development and improvement of intelligent sports equipment for different groups based on machine learning and deep learning techniques.3) Related Research disciplines such as sporting events, sports industry, and correlative forecasting are leading disciplines in research focused on the application of smart badminton. Researchers in physical education and teaching contribute relatively little to the role of big data in badminton.4) Hotspots in badminton smartening research fall into four clusters, namely big data and related technologies, artificial intelligence monitoring indicators, big data and data mining related applications, and smart sensing badminton teaching. Sport forms and populations, data mining techniques and methods, and research methods are the inevitable effects of digital empowerment and the wisdom of sports for all.

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