Research on the Integrated Development Model of Sports Tourism Industry and Cultural and Creative Industry

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You Yuandeng et al.


With the development of China's current market economy, economic transformation and upgrading is an inevitable trend, and the level of residents' consumption is constantly improving, thus continuously promoting industrial integration. From the perspective of the current economic structure transformation process of various countries, the cultural and creative industry is a hot spot, and it is highly valued by various countries and regions because of its strong experience, layers and rich carrier characteristics.

At the same time, in the tertiary industry, the sports tourism industry has also risen strongly, which fully reflects the concept and principle of sustainable development in the process of contemporary economic development. The integrated development of the sports tourism industry and the cultural and creative industry can realize the focus and integration of resource information, thus promoting the development of regional industries and the improvement of the overall economic level. The sports tourism industry and the cultural and creative industry are both emerging industries, and they have the same goals and development directions, so there are more possibilities for the integration and development of the two. This paper takes the integrated development model of the cultural and creative industry and the sports tourism industry as the research object, combined with the analysis of the characteristics of the two industries, and discusses the specific model of the integrated development of the two.

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