Assessment of Curriculum Content of Group Games in Phys-ical Education in Northern Iraq: A Systematic Literature Re-view

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Sherzad Saber Mohammed et al.


The study aims to systematically review the literature on the curriculum content of group games in physical education (PE) in northern Iraq. Overall, ten studies published between 2015 and 2021 were analysed on major research objec- tives, methodologies, and outcomes, guided by two research questions. The findings revealed that the main research objective of most studies was investigating the curriculum content of PE and its consequences in educational settings. Researchers have primarily used quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches to investigate learning phenomena with most studies indicating positive learning outcomes. Besides, most studies were conducted in the formal educational setting, revealing three general objectives of PE: psychokinetic, social-emotional, and knowledge. The standards for selecting curricula contents include validity/effectiveness, self-sufficiency, significance, interest, learnability, utility, and consistency with social realities. Finally, three types of assessments were used in PE: cognitive assessment, summative assessment, and formative assessment.

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