The Criminal Charge of Cracking Captcha Integrated Solution of Breaking Cyber Verification System

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Ruyi Wang et al.


CAPTCHA is the abbreviation of Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart,which is used to guarantee the cyber security. Cracking captcha means imputing a large amount of captcha once a time illegally. Although it cannot be affirmed as accomplice generally, cracking captcha still should be given criminal sanctions since it provides plenty of assistance for other crimes essentially. If the culprits do not have collusion with others, helping criminal activities of information and network should be the most suitable charge. On the contrary, if there exists evidence proves the culprits have collusion with others, then he or she is supposed to be convicted the same charge as the person who is helped. What’s more, other behaviors of destroying cyber safety verification system, like fake face recognition and Using AI technology to crack captcha, are similar to cracking captcha, so that we can try an integrative solution to regulate referring to this.

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