Research on the Integration of Bel Canto and National Singing

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Chen Qiao-Yu


National singing and bel canto are representative singing methods in eastern and Western vocal music art. In their long development process, th[1]ey have formed a unique artistic style and singing skills. National singing is good at lasting appeal and has strong artistic appeal. However, there are some minor deficiencies in articulation and resonance. Bel canto pays more attention to the change of timbre and full breath. The two singing methods learn from and integrate with each other, so that China's vocal music art can walk out of a broader development path in the era of fierce collision between eastern and Western art and culture. Using the methods of comparative analysis and historical research, this paper studies the integration of Bel Canto based on European cultural tradition and national singing based on Chinese traditional culture. Firstly, from the development status of Bel Canto in China, this paper obtains the necessity of the integration of Bel Canto and national singing, and then points out the main ways and methods of the integration of Bel Canto and national singing.

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