Embodiment and Bidirectional Mapping of Metaphor Generation- Empirical Analysis Based on Female Love Metaphor

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Yuhang Li et al.


The embodied nature of metaphor is not limited to direct physical experience, but also affects the generation and understanding of metaphor by the relevant indirect experience and belief of the cognitive subject. Under the influence of this kind of embodiment, the one-way cross-domain mapping mode from source domain to target domain inevitably has its limitations, and the guidance and restriction of the cognitive subject's knowledge of ontology on the metaphorical process should not be ignored. The process of metaphor realization is not only one-way "matching" and simple "generic", but also bidirectional metaphorical mapping, which makes metaphors in real life colorful enough. In this article, through the experimental investigation of female college students based on their experience and belief of love metaphors and mapping structure, and analyzes the metaphor of the relevant experience and belief influence on metaphor, thus further empirical metaphor generated by the body and the mapping of the biphasic and emphatically discusses the interaction of body side of target side effects.

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