The Effectiveness of Resilience Training on the Anxiety of Gifted Adolescents with Perfectionism in Tehran

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Raha Shabanzadeh
Pariya Fadayi
Mahya Shabanzadeh
Mohsen Saeidmanesh
Mahsa Moslemi Haghighi
Azam Alizadeh


In this study, the effect of Pennsylvania resilience treatment program on anxiety in intelligent adolescents with perfectionism in Dezful was investigated.The research method was experimental, and in the form of a pre-test post-test research design with a control group. The statistical population of this study included adolescent girls aged 12 to 16 years who responded positively to the call. They were invited to the clinic and filled out the perfectionism questionnaire. Then, among those with a high perfectionism score, 30 were selected and randomly divided into two. The experimental and control groups were divided. Pre-test was performed on both groups and after the treatment sessions, post-test was taken from both groups. Data collection tools were Beck Anxiety Scale (BAI) questionnaires. Univariate analysis of covariance and analysis of covariance analysis defaults were used to analyze the data. The results of the analysis showed that the Pennsylvania Resilience Program has reduced the anxiety of perfectionist intelligent adolescents.

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