Invitro Study of Calcium Precipitation Induced by Sporosarcina Pasteurii Isolated from Urea Rich Soils

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Ijaz Ul Haq et al.


Sporosarcina pasteurii was isolated from urea-rich soils of agricultural areas in Peshawar. It was biochemically characterized as gram-positive bacilli, which are positive for catalase, methyl red and urease tests. The urease enzyme is an important contributing factor to biocementation because the enzyme alkalizes its vicinity, thus calcifying the calcium in the environment. The calcium precipitates were then manifested via electron microscopy, and it verified that the calcium precipitates were stable, polydispersed and cuboidal in morphology, thus confirming their calcite nature. The average sizes of calcites were estimated to be 50 nm in diameter, which positively assisted the self-healing/biocementation property of S. pasteurii.

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