The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Awareness-based Therapy on Sexual Self-Esteem and Infertility Stress in Infertile Women in Shiraz

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Pariya Fadayi
Mohsen Saeidmanesh


This study aims to see how successful a treatment based on acceptance and awareness was at improving sexual self-esteem and reducing infertility stress in infertile women in Shiraz. In terms of purpose, this study is applied. The current study used a quasi-experimental design with a pretest, posttest, and control group, as well as a one-month follow-up. Infertile women from Shiraz were referred to infertility clinics in 2021, and 24 of them were chosen as the sample group, divided into two groups of 12 individuals. A female sexual self-esteem questionnaire (Zina and Schwarz) was utilized to gather data for this study. These tests have been shown to have acceptable validity and reliability in studies. The findings revealed that acceptance and awareness-based treatment significantly impact sexual self-esteem and infertility stress in infertile women in Shiraz.

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