Behavioral Attitude of Transgender Smokers towards Smoking

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Nageen Hussain



The aim of this study was to know the behavioral attitude of transgender that why they start smoking and also to know the level of smoking according to their education and awareness about the effects of smoking.


In this cross-sectional study data was collected from subjects randomly. There were 31 subjects (Transgender), from different areas of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Survey items evaluate smoking behaviors. Statistical analysis was done by using SPSS software version 23.0.


Among 31 subjects, 14 (45%) subjects were included in the age group of 13-30 years old (young) while the rest of 17 (55%) were included in the age group of 31-45 years old (middle age). In this cross-sectional study, 27/31 subjects lived with guru system, 24/31 subjects were regular smokers while 18/31 start smoking before the age of 20 years. Out of 31 subjects, 16 subjects were educated while 15 were non-educated. On the basis of educational level 16/31   further categorized into 4 different educational levels that are primary, middle, secondary and graduated.


In Pakistan, number of transgender and smoking level among them is not well known. They are unaware of effects of smoking due to lack of proper education. Social discrimination is a factor that urges them to smoke.


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