Relation Between Serum MicroRNA-122 Expression Level and Both Laboratory and Clinical Profile in Chronic HBV Patients

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Hend Mahdi Mohamed El-Arini et al.


Background: MicroRNA-122 (miRNA-122) is involved in the pathogenesis of chronic liver diseases and it is assessed for ability to predict the liver injury caused by chronic hepatitis B (CHB) infection.

Methods: Serum miRNA-122 expression levels were assessed in 15 patients with CHB infection and 15 healthy controls by qRT-PCR. MiRNA-122 level between CHB patients and controls was compared and the relationship between the miRNA-122 and clinical parameters was performed. The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve was used to test the sensitivity and specificity of miRNA-122 in differentiating patients with CHB from controls.

Results: Compared with controls, the serum miRNA-122 relative expression was increased in CHB patients (P <0.001). The level of miRNA-122 was 4.2-fold higher in the serum of CHB patients. There was a significant positive correlation between the serum expression level of miRNA-122 and ALT activity (r=0.93, p<0.001). PTT (r=0.61, p=0.02), AFP (r=0.65, p=0.009) in CHB patients was observed. Furthermore, at a cutoff value of 2.83, the sensitivity and specificity of miR-122 to predict liver injury resulted from CHB were73% and 100%, respectively.

Conclusion: Serum miRNA-122 expression is increased in adult CHB patients and could be used as a biomarker to diagnose liver injury resulted from CHB.

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