How Do Perceptions of ENDS Differ between Different Types of Users?

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Hood et al.


Objective: Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) continue to be utilized by two primary groups: smoked tobacco users seeking to transition to ENDS and younger individuals starting ENDS without significant previous nicotine use. However, established research lacks an examination of the differences in perceptions of ENDS by both these groups in the same study. This study explores the differing perceptions of ENDS by two user groups: smoked tobacco users and ENDS users.

Methods: Individuals who primarily used smoked tobacco products (n=35) and individuals who primarily used ENDS (n=48) were interviewed about their perceptions of ENDS and nicotine. Interviews were recorded, transcribed and analysed qualitatively to gain an understanding of users’ perceptions of ENDS.

Results: Smoked tobacco users and ENDS users differed in their perceptions of ENDS and nicotine. We identified three important distinctions between the groups: monitoring use of ENDS, perceptions of nicotine in ENDS, perceptions of addiction to nicotine. These different perceptions influenced behaviours and patterns surrounding the use of ENDS.

Conclusions: Smoked tobacco users and ENDS users develop different perceptions of ENDS based on nicotine which facilitates different views and use of ENDS products.

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