Security and Privacy Issues in Social Networks: A Survey

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Atul Kumar et al.


In this Research, the different conditions of cyber security and its importance have been critically evaluated. It has been identified that 64% of large-sized businesses in the UK are facing cyber security related issues in the year 2021. Data breach-related issues had been confronted by 39% of the charity-related companies in the UK in the year 2021. In addition to this, it has also been identified that malware attacks are the most common cyber security-related issue in the country. Moreover, this research explains the different aspects of cyber security and its importance. However, using only primary quantitative data analysis creates a limitation in this research project. An analysis on the social media security issues has made a significant justification on the criticality of the present challenges in the digital platforms. Identity thefts and breach of personal information can lead to the compromise of business as well as personal accounts. Business compromising often leads towards loss of reputation and loss of revenue. Data collected through primary means are measured via objective analysis through regression testing. Results from the regression test have made significant contribution towards the hypothesis testing.

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