Impact of Globalisation and Women's Work in the Beedi Industry- A Study

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Harish B. Bapat et al.


This study sheds light on the impact of women's participation in the beedi industry of India. The Indian economy has been developed with the help of the beedi industry as almost 90% Indian adults consume beedi as indigenous cigarettes. Workers in the beedi industry are paid fewer wages than other industries. This industry needs to be developed by the authorities so that they can engage in a new system to develop their socio-economic condition. A comparative analysis has been followed by collecting different journals from the different authentic sites. Thus this research is much significant for the researchers to understand the impact of globalisation and women's work to develop the Indian economy.

The study also focused on the implementation of globalisation on the social and economic position of Indian women, from where future scope on the core topic could be extrapolated. Limitations that were present in the research were jotted down to highlight the shortcomings of the study. Recommendations were provided at the end for the continuous improvement of the research for the forthcoming days.

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