Understanding Sexting Behaviors and Its Impact on Attachment Styles among Young Adults

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Samiksha Jain et al.


Internet is a medium of expression for everyone now a days as it is accessible, affordable and anonymous for everyone in the world. Sexual arousal can be derived from a myriad of sources, ranging from titillating visuals, in video, pictorial and audio formats, erotic books, magazines and literature, to voyeuristically viewing other people engaging in sexual activity. With the advent of the time, people have started communicating their arousal in the form of “sexting” which means ‘the exchange of sexually explicit messages, videos or photographs of oneself to others through a digital device, most commonly, a cell phone.’ This in further have affected an individual’s mental health. The objective of the study was to understand the relationship between sexting and attachment styles among young adults, also, is there any difference in the approach of sexting behaviors and attachment styles between pornographic users and non-pornography viewers. The findings of the study indicates that there exist the positive and significant relationship between the sexting behaviors and anxiety attachment styles. It is concluded that the current study will help the researcher to create the intervention strategies to manage the sexting behaviors of the young adults

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