Discussion on Tea and Coffee Planting in Lam Dong and Thai Nguyen Provinces in Vietnam - FDI Investment, Economic Values, Natural Conditions, Farming Techniques for Agricultural Sustainability

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Nguyen Dinh Trung et al.


In order to propose suitable policies for sustainability of coffee and tea in Vietnam, we could perform both qualitative and quantitative analysis. We analyze tea and coffee planting in Thai Nguyen, Lam Dong and Daklak provincies in Vietnam where are biggest locations.

In this study, we used an econometric model to suggest suitable policies to be in favor of tea export price.

The study results show that although long years with experiences in planting coffee and tea crops, The area, productivity and output of coffee all decreased compared to 2019 and did not meet the plan. The reason is that some areas of re-cultivated coffee have not yet been harvested and converted to effective crops such as vegetables, flowers, etc., and at the same time, due to low coffee prices, people's investment in caring for gardens is limited. Next in a five factor model regression, we find out a reduction in exchange rate and CPI while increase in VNIndex will be in favor of tea export price. And correlation between exchange rate and tea price is higher than that between VNIndex and tea price.

Last but not least, Limitation of our research is we can expand research model for other agricultural products as well.

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