Insects Alcohol Traps, Sustainable Agricultural Value Chain in Coffee and Tea Crops in the Northern Regions of Vietnam - and Solutions for Marketing Mix

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Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy et al.


To ensure sustainability in tea and coffee crops as two main crops in the northern region of Vietnam, for instance in Son La and Thai Nguyen Provinces, we need to explore  changing traditional production methods (manufacturing according to own experience) by a new way of production according to the production process cleaner, safer (VietGAP, GlobalGap, ..). This production process helps households, Farmers use the right inputs at the right time, reducing costs as well as product quality improvement.

The next solution is to replace gradually chemical pesticides (at least reduce proportion) in agricultural using, with insect traps such as insect alcohol traps or bottle traps in order to eliminate female insects (Coffee berry borer- CBB) that are harmful and their next generation as well.

Research results show us that CPI and R (lending rate) have negative correlation with tea export price, whereas G (GDP growth) and Rf (Risk free rate) have positive correlation with tea price. Besides, this study also give out recommendations for reduction in CPI and R and increase in G to push tea export price.

Our research limitation is that we can expand for other crops, industries and markets as well.

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