Complications and Strategies in the Management of Acute Appendicitis

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Viqar Aslam, Muhammad Bilal, Raza Ullah, Waqar Alam Jan, Muhammad Ayaz, Alina Zaidi


Objective: To analyze the differing management tactics and results in 200 individuals with acute appendicitis, focusing on surgical intervention, conservative management, complications, and period of admission.

Design of Study: A retrospective study

Duration and place of Study: 05-September 5th to December 2020 department of  Surgery  LRH Peshawar.

Methods: A retrospective examination was directed at the Section of Overall Surgery from September 5th to December 2020. Information of 200 patients determined with acute appendicitis were surveyed. Data on demographics, clinical introduction, imaging, management approaches (surgical intervention or conservative management), surgical strategies (laparoscopic or open appendectomy), postoperatively issues, and period of clinic stay were collected. Statistical examination was performed to evaluate the relationship between management tactics and results. Ethical approval was obtained from the institutional review board. Privacy of patient data was strictly maintained throughout the study.

Results: Among the 200 individuals studied, 180 (90%) underwent surgical intervention, generally open appendectomy (75%). Conservative management was employed in 20 instances (10%). Postoperatively difficulties were uncommon, with wound infection (5%) and intra-abdominal abscess (2.5%) being the most frequent. No deaths were reported. Median clinic stay were 2 days (range: 1-4) for laparoscopic appendectomy, 3 days (range: 2-5) for open appendectomy, and 4 days (range: 3-7) for conservative administration. Statistical examination revealed positive results associated with surgical intervention, with low complication rates and shorter clinic stay compared to conservative management.

Conclusion: Surgical intervention, particularly open appendectomy, demonstrated encouraging results with low complication rates and shorter clinic stay compared to conservative management. These discoveries underscore the importance of well-timed surgical intervention in the management of acute appendicitis.

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