Highlighting the risk factors for recurrence of common bile duct stone

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Mohamed Dawood Atia, Sahar Gouda Zaghlul, Hany Mohamed ElSadek, Salem Youssef Mohamed, Somia Hassan Abdallah, Emad Fawzy Hamed, Doaa M. Hendawy


Background: A prevalent chronic condition is common bile duct stones (CBDS). Choledocholithiasis and cholelithiasis occur together in 5%–15% of cases of cholelithiasis. The most prevalent kind of treatment, endoscopic cholangiopancreatography with endoscopic sphincterotomy (ERCP), has a success rate of up to 95%, however recurrent choledocholithiasis occurs between 4% and 25% of the time.

Purpose of the review: to highlight the risk factors for recurrence CBDS after choledocholithiasis clearance. These highlights are extrapolated from recently published well respected studies and systematic reviews.

Conclusion: Stone-related factors, anatomical factors, congenital factors, intervention factors, and the frequency of stone recurrence are all carefully categorized as risk factors.

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