The Crossing Internal Suture Augmentation Technique to Protect the All-Inside Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Graft

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Hossam Abdel Kareem Abdel kaderet. al


Background:The crossing internal suture augmentation technique is an all-inside technique of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with augmentation of the hamstring tendon autograft with a braided ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyester–polyethylene suture tape resting on the adjustable cortical buttons on both the femoral and tibial sides. The internal suture augmentation acts as a backbone supporting and protecting the graft until the process of healing and ligamentization of the graft is completed. The ends of the suture tape are tied on the tibial button and additionally fixed to the tibia with a knotless anchor as a backup fixation with the knee in full extension. The technique has the advantages of being minimally invasive with small incisions and allowing preservation of the bone stock through the use of sockets. It also allows early return to activity thanks to the more secure rehabilitation and prevents early failure and stretching of the graft.

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