The Principle of Treatment Staff Care of Children and Elderly Patients with Covid-19, Fracture and Multiple Trauma in ICU

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Mozhgan Taebi, Seyed Ali Kalali sani, Bita Fazeli, Daryanaz Shojaei, Nikoo Behdadian


In this study, the principle of care of treatment staff for children and elderly with Covid-19, fractures and multiple traumas in ICU has been investigated. Considering the prevalence of trauma in society and its complications and costs, today trauma is considered one of the basic problems that threaten the health of society. Knowing the epidemiological information of patients can help in planning to reduce the health burden of this problem. Spine fracture is one of the severe injuries that can happen. In such a situation, the vertebra of the spine, which is rectangular in shape, will be compressed. This case is caused by severe traumas such as an accident or falling from a great height, but it can also be caused by osteoporosis and weakening of the bones in old age. One of the most common places where we see fractures is the middle and end of the spine. The severity of the trauma that caused the fracture indicates whether more damage has occurred.

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