Digital Marketing Basics for Modern business: strategies and techniques

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Dr. Ouchene Djamila, Pr. Karim Belkaci


      In recent years, many steps have been taken so that digital marketing does not no more focus only and exclusively on consumers but also tries to bring different audiences to organizations.

    This new approach was defined by the American Marketing Association as an activity and processes, set by institutions for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large.

    Although initially business organizations understood the Internet as a new channel to increase their presence, they soon started looking for ways to maximize its different platforms and services. At present, online digital marketing is an essential part of operational marketing from the point of view of becoming, in themselves, a specific marketing line: digital marketing.

    Being on the Web without proper planning can not only mean a lost opportunity in terms of resources and potential, but also it can indeed have a negative impact on the business organization, as the audience, their needs and perceptions regarding the business organization are unknown.

   Based on what has been mentioned above, this research seeks after clarifying the most important digital marketing basics, to serve the modern business. Moreover it aims to ensure their profit, continuity and sustainability. In this objective we will exposure the meaning of digital marketing, its importance and suitable strategy that should be followed by modern business. 

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