Research on the Innovation Strategy of Economic Management Informatization in Financial Industry in the Context of Sustainable Strategy

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Ye Yuan


Information technology can promote the rapid development of the modern financial industry. With the increasing competition in the financial industry market, information construction of financial industry economic management has become an important measure to promote the stable development of the industry. Under the requirements of sustainable development strategy, various industries have carried out information innovation and reform. In order to promote the healthy development of the financial industry, this paper studies the financial industry economic management information innovation strategy under the background of sustainable strategy. After analyzing the problems existing in the economic management of the financial industry, the paper formulates the principles of information innovation in the economic management of the industry. According to the principle of information innovation, combined with the concept of sustainable development and the problems existing in economic management, this paper puts forward the strategy of information innovation, in order to provide a theoretical reference for the reform of financial industry information innovation in the future.

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Ye Yuan

Ye Yuan

Anyang Normal University, Anyang, China