Tobacco companies and combustibles…ambitions and end-game

As I read the article below in the Economist, it made me think again about whether tobacco companies are really serious about moving out of the combustible tobacco business.  If so, what might it take to speed that process?  And what do the members of a fractured tobacco control community hope will occur, and when?  It seems to me highly unlikely (and virtually impossible) that tobacco companies will just go away.  If that is correct, what can be done to facilitate their movement as quickly as possible out of the combustible tobacco business.  There are those who have begun to work with those companies to help them find alternative products, and there are those who continue to make business as difficult as possible for tobacco companies, eg via litigation, regulatory approaches to put pressure on the companies to move in new directions (eg taxation, smokefree policies, etc).  What is the right mix of positive reinforcers to help tobacco companies move away from combustibles and negative reinforcers that would make production and sales of combustibles increasingly non-viable??

Big tobacco’s new ambitions
A huge deal points to broad changes for cigarette makers
Oct 29th 2016

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